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Attempts to Create Recycled Tire Reefs Fail 

I read today about a beach in Ft. Lauderdale where tires are washing up all over the place. Now these are not just any tires, but they are tires that were used to create ocean wildlife habitats. Back in 1972, a few peopl had the “great” idea to literally dump millions of tires into the ocean. Although well-intentioned, the plan has since backfired, and those same tires have proven too light to stay anchored to the bottom. As a result, the tires have not accumulated any coral growth and they have moved into the natural reefs damaging them and creating more of a mess than anything.

Now, obviously some junk does work as artificial reefs. Sunken ships have, over time, become artficial reefs teeming with ocean life. I think the basic problem in this story is that well-intentioned people carried out a plan that really didn’t make sense from the get-go. Why would anybody think moving a landfill by dumping 2 million tires into the ocean would result any anything good?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for lending mother nature a hand when it’s possible, but making the ocean floor a dump site for old tires? Doesn’t make sense to me. But I guess you live and you learn, eh? Yeah to the tune of MILLIONS of dollars of cleanup required to fix this mess.

I’m not a global warming doomsayer. In fact, I don’t believe half the jargon that Al Gore and his global warming money making machine spew out, BUT I do believe that we should take steps to protect our environment. This “tire reef” fiasco is a good reason why we should not just jump into any uber-enviro plan that comes along, just because it’s popular at the time. Just think before you dump.


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