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Sexed Up Images in Media Hurt Young Girls;_ylt=Av2aMgm6BbhIdxuU9X.ELGDMWM0F

No, seriously. Did we really have to do a study to figure this out? When women are objectified in ANY fashion, it hurts the develpment of young girls. If all they see on t.v. and in movies are these over-sexed images, how can they not be influenced. You have to think incredibly foolishly to think otherwise.

I certainly get tired of the media obsession with young teeny bop stars. I get tired of seeing a woman dressed in a bikini to sell a hamburger. I get tired of seeing skin to push product that has nothing to do with skin. BUT I’m an adult male who can cope with those images and put them out of my mind.

A young girl on the other hand is so much more impressionable. If we put sleaze in front of them as young children how can we be surprised when they grow up wanting to emulate that very sleaze? Or when they become extremely distraught or even deressed when they don’t fit into size 0 jeans, when they are a size 5?

Think about it.


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