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Don’t Discriminate Against Anybody But Christians…

So here’s a story about a kid who was forbidden to wear a Jesus costume to a school Halloween party. Why is it that every other religious movement has total freedom of religion and free-speech, yet Christians are hammered? I understand that displaying the 10 commandments on public property might offend someone’s oh so sensitive religious views. I can even comprehend why keeping public places free of “overbearing” religious symbology and ritual.

But why, oh why, can’t an individual express their own personal religious views, that DO NOT, I repeat do not hurt anyone in any way. It would be different if the kid were dressed as a serial killer or a gruesome ghoul bent on hacking up innocents, which I might add is perfectly fine for the typical Halloween shindig.

But, no, he was dressed as Jesus, one of the most influential figures in history. One who preached peace and love. One who encouraged his followers to lay down the sword.

What we have here is a case of discriminating against one group to protect the feelings of another group. Regardless of who’s in the minority, this is just ridiculous. If a kid wants to dress up as Jesus for one day at a Halloween party, let him.

More and more these days I’m seeing those who profess to be Christians maligned, targetted, and even discriminated against by our authorities here in local, state, and federal settings. Sure we need to protect the rights of those in the minority, but at what cost. Do we gut the majority to do it?

The principal ofthe school, said that the costume promoted religion, but did nothing about kids dressed as witches and demons, which are just as “religious” in nature. Sure, they are a part of Halloween, sure it’s normal, sure it’s the thing to do. But come on, if they want to keep religion out of schools, they should eliminate any and all activities that even lean towards a religious nature, including Halloween.


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