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Jesus Found Dead in Grave?

So, I came across this story today. Interesting. Highly unlikely, but interesting.

So basically, a story which has ramifications that would shake the world top to bottom, is being unveiled in a documentary? Where is the scientific community, where is the global media?

If you ask me, it’s bogus. It’s an attempt to capture viewers, and ultimately to make money.


2 Responses to “Jesus Found Dead in Grave?”

  1. I disagree that it’s bogus. There are too many organizations involved, all independent of each other, to be construed as some sort of hoax/conspiracy.

    It will not prove that this is the tomb of the Biblical Jesus. All the documentary will state is that the odds of finding something with all these names tied together is highly unlikely. There is no DNA to compare it with outside of what was found in that one tomb. That only proves a family was buried there.

    I see no reason why Christians are being so defensive before the show has aired.

  2. I don’t think that it is a conspiracy, as much as just don’t see how the evidence works to create the “result” that they are implying with it.

    I think the defensiveness comes from the fact that they are strongly implying that it is THE Jesus. I am not worried in the least. I believe what I believe and it is part of who I am.

    I agree on the DNA part. It seems highly unlikely that the DNA can prove anything other than that all found in the tomb were related.

    Thanks, Marinade Dave, for your comments! They are much appreciated.

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