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Idol Scandal, Video Game Addicts, Growing Economy

Idol Scandal « DeFlicks & Stuff

One of the female contestants is showing up in some provocative photos on the internet. In 2003, American Idol booted one of it’s contestants from the show for racy photos. Will they follow the precedent set?

Here’s a story of a man in china who “overdosed” on video games and died. “About 2.6 million — or 13 percent — of China’s 20 million Internet users under 18 are classed as addicts, state media have reported.”;_ylt=AofzVZ222E0an15b7JPE6tDMWM0F 

Yeah, this is an article about how the 4th quarter wasn’t as booming as estimated last year. I don’t see a huge problem though. The optimist in me says so it didn’t grow at 4% but at only 2%, but it still GREW. The liberal media will obviously spin this as a failed Bush economy plan, or a conservative blunder economically, or something of that nature. I think we should all be happy that we live in an economy that is still experiencing growth, at the least.


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