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Charles: Ban the Big Mac | News | This is London

Charles: Ban the Big Mac | News | This is London

So prince Charles doesn’t like McD’s because it’s unhealthy? I’ve heard that the sausages his family farm produces have more fat in them than the food at McD’s. I think he was just shooting off at the mouth. However it brings up an interesting thought. At what point does the government regulate what individuals eat? I mean, I totally understand cleaning up our act in public schools as far as feeding kids healthy foods, but can one truly expect a government to actually ban a restaurant?

I say let people who choose to be obese be. The only problem I have is when they “impose” their lifestyle upon their own families. I know it’s kind of back and forth, but to me it’s not fair to a child to not instruct them INDIVIDUALLY at home how to make wise eating choices throughout life.

Every kid loves a happy meal, but it doesn’t mean they should have one for most of their meals. Make it special. Spread it out. Make it a treat, not a regular habit.


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