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Jesus Found Dead in His Grave « David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic ™

Jesus Found Dead in His Grave « David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic ™

Pretty popular blog over there. Lots of good comments flying back and forth. No heated debate. Unfortunately I’ve posted 2 thoughtful and considerate comments which were not approved by the author.

Here’s the gist of my thoughts:

The blog entry is pretty well written and thought out. The title and topic are “Jesus Found Dead in His Grave” I have no problem there. But very quickly into the article Mr. David W. Boles leaps headfirst into a diatribe railing on Radical Fundamentalists and how they’ve hijacked the nation and how those poor, innocent “live and let live” types are being trampled upon by a tidal wave of conservatism that is rising in our nation. Now I am paraphrasing and being a tad bit sarcastic. I mean no offense. But I don’t understand AT ALL how this former line of thought has anything to do with the original topic.

Basically, the rest of the blog entry is a huge (and long) verbal smash against conservatives. Why do liberals hate so easily? Why are they so venomous? They preach love and acceptance out of one side of their mouths, yet they trash and shred any one who doesn’t fit their ideology. I understand that BOTH the right and the left side of politics have major inherent flaws. I see them, I accept them. But I don’t understand how intolerant tolerance is excusable on any level.

One common line of thought is that conservatives are not at all into helping others or meeting societal needs. Hogwash.

It makes no sense for someone to say that we should live and let live, let people live their own lives without oppression (from any source), freedom this freedom that, and then trample the rights of any one who thinks differently.

Sure we all do it at some point in some way. We all need to work on our tolerance and love. We all need to put politics aside and view each other as imperfect humans wrought with flaws. Maybe I’m venting a bit. Maybe I’m frustrated, I don’t know, but I don’t appreciate when the underlying current of an ideology is supposed to be love and acceptance, but it all goes out the window when that “love and acceptance” doesn’t fit an agenda.

My 2 cents. Take it or leave it.


3 Responses to “Jesus Found Dead in His Grave « David W. Boles’ Urban Semiotic ™”

  1. I agree that Mr. Boles suddenly rattles his way onto a different bandwagon. My comment was accepted, but it was edited.

    Anyway, ss a liberal with mostly liberal friends, I do not agree that liberals “hate”. Rather, I think they just want people to understand what they say and where they are coming from… and think that those who present a clear case against a liberal’s views, are outrightly attacking that liberal. Among my liberal friends at least, we tend to be accepting of almost everyone — for example, we try to understand a racist’s view and how they arrived to that conclusion, but we refuse to identify with him or her… Also, I’ve noticed among my liberal friends that we tend to be a very sensitive and thin skinned group. And among my conservative friends, I find that they are incredibly tolerable of me and others, and they are understanding, compassionate, and lovable. So what I guess I’m getting at is, just because a person identifies with being a liberal or a conservative more than the other, does not make that person 100 percent liberal or conservative. There are issues in which I take a liberal stance, there are issues in which I take a conservative stance, and of course, issues in which I take a moderate stance (for example, I don’t believe in abortion, but I don’t believe in making it illegal either).

  2. Thanks, livingtowrite. I really appreciate your insights and thoughtful comments.

    I admit that I came across a bit stereotypical about liberals as well. That’s not what I intended. I guess it was a bit of a rant!

    I tend to lean more toward conservative ideology, but my guess is that I’m a bit left of right, too, in some issues!

    Thanks again.

  3. I agree with you. That post went all over the place and his only intent was to trash conservatives. OK, fine, but why hide behind a tomb? Boles doesn’t realize, that by calling all Christians right wing conservative Bush lovers, he is doing the Democratic Party here in the USA and others parties throughout the world an injustice. Many right wingers have been saying all along that you can’t be a Democrat and a good Christian at the same time. He is adding fuel to that belief. Such an intelligent idiot.

    I seriously doubt he is truly a Democrat or all that liberal. In my opinion, the man has no backbone. He’s nothing more than a fair weather friend. He was such an Imus fan. You should read what he’s saying now. Better yet, read his post on Tony Snow. The man loves to kick someone when they’re down. He thrives on other’s pain.

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