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What is a Splog? Blog Scraping? Stealing Content?

Check out this very informative article on “splogs” – blogs that are automated to “scrape” (steal) content from genuine blogs for AdSense revenue. I’ve noticed a few of my other blogs that have been scraped, and it bugs me to no end that people are so desperate to make a quick buck that they’ll go to these lengths to get it.

Here’s a few things you can do to “combat” scraping:

  1. Use internal linking within your blog posts. Why? Well, if another site is going to grab my content and use it for their shady benefit, than the least I can do is get some use out of it. When my content is scraped, it’s reposted in it’s entirety. Although, I get a linkback to this blog, I can add an additional step to KEEP people on my blog: add links to other posts INSIDE of each post. That way if someone happens to land on a scraped blog, reads my ever-so-interesting content and clicks a link in my post, they’re transported from the splog, to the GENUINE  blog, MINE!
  2. Use copyright notices in your feed or in each post. You can also grab a plugin that does this.

These simple steps make it harder for readers of splogs to miss the fact that the content they are reading comes from an actual blog, not just an automated script. They will be more likely to visit the source of the content and stay there.

“With this, it becomes obvious both to readers and to search engines where the articles really come from… and, incidentally, it also makes every stolen post link to me.”


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