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Michigan students wont get iPods

Michigan students wont get iPods; lawmakers will repay Apple for trip

Are you kidding me? Were they even considering spending that much on toys? Don’t get me wrong I love me some i-everything, but when all is said and done an iPod is nothing more than a toy. Why would students need individual ipods? What a rip. I’m not too old, but back in my day, we had books. Yeah, books.

The problem with our current approach to education is it’s all money based. When are we gonna learn that spending tons of money on education doesn’t necessarily equate to good education. Kids don’t need ipods. Kids don’t need computers. Kids don’t need more money thrown at them. They need GOOD TEACHERS! Technology is wonderful. I love it. In fact, I remember as a kid playing Oregon Trail on the Apple, but it was like once a week at school.

Teach kids how to MAKE MUSIC. Teach them how to figure out equations with a pencil and paper. Teach them how to read. Teach them how to plan for the future. Teach them.

I believe the children are our future…teach them well and let them lead the way…show them all they don’t need ipods to survive!


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