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The next total lunar eclipse will happen on March 3 (Saturday).


Idol Scandal « DeFlicks & Stuff

One of the female contestants is showing up in some provocative photos on the internet. In 2003, American Idol booted one of it’s contestants from the show for racy photos. Will they follow the precedent set?

Here’s a story of a man in china who “overdosed” on video games and died. “About 2.6 million — or 13 percent — of China’s 20 million Internet users under 18 are classed as addicts, state media have reported.”;_ylt=AofzVZ222E0an15b7JPE6tDMWM0F 

Yeah, this is an article about how the 4th quarter wasn’t as booming as estimated last year. I don’t see a huge problem though. The optimist in me says so it didn’t grow at 4% but at only 2%, but it still GREW. The liberal media will obviously spin this as a failed Bush economy plan, or a conservative blunder economically, or something of that nature. I think we should all be happy that we live in an economy that is still experiencing growth, at the least.



A post about the Dead Jesus story. This blog cites some references from the mid-90s that say that this same story popped up in the 90s.


Kind of funny that a company as huge as Google, would let this one slip. On one of their business cards, they misspelled the word “Chairman” as “Chariman” – you go, google!


Yeah, check this article out. Mostly about a study that says that college students these days are a lot more “narcissistic and self-centered” than previous generations. It’s not surprising, what with the “You’re so special” mentality that was so prevalent in the 80s and 90s. Not that kids aren’t, they really are. But, there is a point when you coddle children too much.

Sure, they need love, sure they need attention. But every now and then sometimes they need to know that they are JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE.

Sure it’s good to have confidence but sometimes we could benefit from being a little more humble.

From the article: “Unfortunately, narcissism can also have very negative consequences for society, including the breakdown of close relationships with others,” he said.

Some common results of narcissism are: lack of empathy, infidelity, lack of emotional warmth, game-playing, lack of honesty, over-bearing, violent, and controlling behavior.

“Permissiveness seems to be a component [contributing to narcissism],” he said. “A potential antidote would be more authoritative parenting. Less indulgence might be called for.”

Yeah, I’ve been saying it for years. Parents be parents. Not your kids’ best friend, not their dictator, not their buddy, not their guardian. Be a PARENT.

If you have a young child, please, as a favor to society, parent them lovingly and firmly.


So, I came across this story today. Interesting. Highly unlikely, but interesting.

So basically, a story which has ramifications that would shake the world top to bottom, is being unveiled in a documentary? Where is the scientific community, where is the global media?

If you ask me, it’s bogus. It’s an attempt to capture viewers, and ultimately to make money.


So here’s a story about a kid who was forbidden to wear a Jesus costume to a school Halloween party. Why is it that every other religious movement has total freedom of religion and free-speech, yet Christians are hammered? I understand that displaying the 10 commandments on public property might offend someone’s oh so sensitive religious views. I can even comprehend why keeping public places free of “overbearing” religious symbology and ritual.

But why, oh why, can’t an individual express their own personal religious views, that DO NOT, I repeat do not hurt anyone in any way. It would be different if the kid were dressed as a serial killer or a gruesome ghoul bent on hacking up innocents, which I might add is perfectly fine for the typical Halloween shindig.

But, no, he was dressed as Jesus, one of the most influential figures in history. One who preached peace and love. One who encouraged his followers to lay down the sword.

What we have here is a case of discriminating against one group to protect the feelings of another group. Regardless of who’s in the minority, this is just ridiculous. If a kid wants to dress up as Jesus for one day at a Halloween party, let him.

More and more these days I’m seeing those who profess to be Christians maligned, targetted, and even discriminated against by our authorities here in local, state, and federal settings. Sure we need to protect the rights of those in the minority, but at what cost. Do we gut the majority to do it?

The principal ofthe school, said that the costume promoted religion, but did nothing about kids dressed as witches and demons, which are just as “religious” in nature. Sure, they are a part of Halloween, sure it’s normal, sure it’s the thing to do. But come on, if they want to keep religion out of schools, they should eliminate any and all activities that even lean towards a religious nature, including Halloween.


Leave the poor girl alone.


Here’s an interesting article about how the “faces” of churches are changing. I found it interesting to note that churches that are embracing diversity and creating environments that reach multipple ethnic groups are growing. Megachurches, which are congregations made up of more than 2,000 people are more culturally diverse than smaller churches.

The article states that most people (regardless of ethnicity) are drawn to specific aspects that larger churches offer such as networking, music, children’s programs, and such.


No, seriously. Did we really have to do a study to figure this out? When women are objectified in ANY fashion, it hurts the develpment of young girls. If all they see on t.v. and in movies are these over-sexed images, how can they not be influenced. You have to think incredibly foolishly to think otherwise.

I certainly get tired of the media obsession with young teeny bop stars. I get tired of seeing a woman dressed in a bikini to sell a hamburger. I get tired of seeing skin to push product that has nothing to do with skin. BUT I’m an adult male who can cope with those images and put them out of my mind.

A young girl on the other hand is so much more impressionable. If we put sleaze in front of them as young children how can we be surprised when they grow up wanting to emulate that very sleaze? Or when they become extremely distraught or even deressed when they don’t fit into size 0 jeans, when they are a size 5?

Think about it.